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A. I had a dream where i was made fun of for calling these things records instead of albums or CDs. Screw that. To me, they're records. I bought many of these o record and many are available on record to this day.

B. I amy not think of 20 just now. Check back throughout the day for more details and/or changing of my mind. I have not given this much thought.

C. Honest. I'm trying to philosophically move past this odd High Fidelity/VH1 listing mentality that seems to have drowned my very generation like a pop-tsunami. However, I want to prove that I'm a team player and so...(oh yeah, these are just records that GRABBED me for a time and shook me up. They are not always the BEST records, they just meant more to me than say, OK Computer or The Joshua Tree or It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back or Enter the 36 Chambers)....

1. Devotion & Doubt- Richard Buckner
2. 69 Love Songs- Magnetic Fields
3. Dry- PJ Harvey
4. If I Should Fall From Grace With God- The Pogues
5. Lifes Rich Pageant- REM
6. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road- Lucinda Williams
7. Blacklisted- Neko Case
8. Heartbreaker- Ryan Adams
9. More Adventurous- Rilo Kiley
10. New Day Rising- Husker Du
11.Workbook- Bob Mould
12.Boomtown- David + David
13.At the Ryman- Emmylou Harris
14.60 Watt Silver Lining- Mark Eitzel
15.Third/Sister Lovers- Big Star
16.Franks Wild Years- Tom Waits
17.Daydream Nation- Sonic Youth
18.Big Noise!- V/A (this cool mambo/afro-beat/jazz/gospel comp I bought at Collectibles in G'bor, NC)
19.There is No-One What Will Take Care of You- Palace Brothers
20.That Red & White album- The White Stripes

also gotta love that Postal Service, The Shins, the Johnny Cash American quartet, and that I'm Your Fan compilation of Leonard Cohen covers. Oh! and that great Wilco/Billy Bragg album of Woody Guthrie songs, the first one. Would also mention those great (and various) Elvis Costello re-issues and the re-release of the first four X albums - (good, good stuff).

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