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Godwin Fail
Sometimes, while traveling around the Internet, you just run into such a massive collection of stupidity that you become suddenly awestruck and reverent at the extreme lack of sense that created such a thing. It's the type of thing that, when encountering it, you think to yourself, "If this was a movie, I wouldn't believe it." And if it's included in a movie, you're required to have a character saying pretty much the exact same thing*. But if there's one thing that the universe keeps teaching us, its that reality is dumber than fiction. Even, sometimes, Michael Bay level fiction.
*  This is actually pretty fun when done right. Joss Whedon is one of the masters of this technique, which is often known as "hanging a lampshade." That is, making one of the characters comment on something that the audience knows is stupid, so you can have this mutual conversation, "Yes, audience, we know this is stupid and unbelievable, but we decided to go with it, so let's just continue." One of my favorite instances of this comes from Firefly, Joss Whedon's Western In Space, with the following exchange:
WASH: Psychic? That sounds like something out of science fiction
ZOE: You live on a spaceship, honey.

I was remind of this when the "Teabonics" flickr set went around the internets, capturing some of the dumbest things ever put to protest signs during the "Tea Party" "populist" uprisings against health care (and let's just take a moment to marvel over the stupidity of people complaining about a marginal increase in health care for the most vulnerable members of society, especially since a significant portion of the protestors collect Medicare/Social Security benefits themselves). Sprinkled throughout that flickr set are such instances of stupidity that it has to be given the overused appellation: FAIL.

Still, I discovered my favorite instance so far earlier today, while paging through the TV Tropes website, currently the biggest most enjoyable waste of time on the Internet for me. This image comes from a San Francisco protest against the Chinese Summer Olympics, so it's not exactly timely, but it is still awesome. It also demonstrates that the Right in no way has a monopoly on stupid people with markers and posterboard. I'll say no more, and just share the image:

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