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So I sent this off to Rich yesterday prior at the appointed time, an incomplete list due to laziness and a passive-aggressive angst at having to dismiss a hundred or more options simply due to their pre-1985 recorded brilliance.

Disintegration- The Cure
Tiny Voices- Joe Henry
Grace- Jeff Buckley
Sea Change- Beck
Furnace Room Lullaby- Neko Case
American IV, The Man Comes Around- Johnny Cash
Van Lear Rose- Loretta Lynn
Wrong Eyed Jesus- Jim White
Funeral- Arcade Fire
Our Endless Numbered Days- Iron and Wine
Feast of Wire- Calexico
In the Air- The Handsome Family

Rounding out the rest of my personal top twenty goes further back than twenty years. I refuse to put anything in those slots, unless you give me some chocolate. And some liquor. And a funnel cake.

That last bit, about funnel cake--I hold true to that, however here's another eight that should, by all rights make me happy including them here. I have to keep in mind that the criteria had something to do with kicking my ass, and not necessarily being the best albums of the universe.

Liquored up and Lacquered Down-
Southern Culture on the Skids
Voi-la Intruder- Gogol Bordello
Achtung Baby- U2
Blood and Chocolate- Elvis Costello
Uh Huh Her- PJ Harvey
Rain Dogs- Tom Waits
Mass Romantic- The New Pornographers
Bramble Rose- Tift Merrit

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