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The Sniveler

You're a sniveler, she said,
you snivel when she doesn't call,
I phone you and you're shit-faced on wine.

I'm a baby, I said, then too I can't figure out how anybody can live without me.

my god, she said, you really mean that?

yes, I said.

oh my god, you're impossible, you big soft baby's ass!

suck me off and maybe I can forget, help me forget.

you big soft baby's ass!

I'm sensitive, yes, and how can anybody live without me?

she hung up.

well, I thought, there's two who can live without me.
there might be 2000, 2 million, 2 billion, 2 million billion.

it was one of the most depressing thoughts I'd had in years.

I went into my bedroom and stretched out and looked at the ceiling.

i thought, well, I can masturbate, I can look at television, and then there's suicide.

having already masturbated twice that day I had two choices left and being a big soft baby's ass I switched on the tv.

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