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› Sunday 10/31/2004
elanamatic:  Weekend By The Numbers
Pony:  hallowe'en 04
The birth of frost:  And as for the cat, yeah, gross
› Monday 11/1/2004
Navel Lint:  Take Me Out To The Voting Booth
Lisa Says:  why i can't participate in today's "write about voting" topic
Dog Years:  Dear Person Who Is About To Vote, Or What I Did During Brain Vacation By Yellow Dog Jason Darden
The Wrong Squid:  Hey Votey
Klutch.xls:  Dear Mr. and Mrs. Voterpants,
Robot Journal:  Good luck with that whole voting thing and stuff
Sunshine Jen:  Magical Thinking
Pony:  Voting theme post: Dear Person about to Vote
The birth of frost:  Prospective voters: buyer, beware
elanamatic:  Exercise Your Right To Vote
Film and Television Rights:  The Last Time I Voted
Cootie Girl:  Dear registered voter
› Tuesday 11/2/2004
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Thirteen Things About Halloween, Election Day, or Reformation Day.
Lisa Says:  she voted!
Ornithopter:  Dear Person Who Hasn't Voted Yet
› Wednesday 11/3/2004
Robot Journal:  Can I have some of your magical hoochie crack?
Lisa Says:  why?
The way I see it:  Reflection on the Morning of Nov. 3
Tim!:  An Open Letter to John Kerry and all of the other loser Democrats
Pony:  An election story
Film and Television Rights:  H ... E ... Double Toothpicks
Film and Television Rights:  My Apologies
Tim!:  Lawn Care Tips For The Modern Conservative
The birth of frost:  Shit am I hungover, did I totally elect a president last night?
› Thursday 11/4/2004
Ornithopter:  What's Wrong With This Picture?
Pony:  Dwelling on Bush
Sunshine Jen:  Voter Fatigue
› Friday 11/5/2004
Cootie Girl:  NO Fuck You America!
Pony:  Musty
Pony:  The fags, the fear, and other-centredness
Lisa Says:  sweet-tarts (now with a p.s.)

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