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› Sunday 3/20/2005
Road Dust:  the room from my view
Learning to Fall:  dinnertime.
Tropical Depression:  La la la, Lana`i
elanamatic:  dirty thirty
Robot Journal:  Wine Club #10: Spanish & Portugal
› Monday 3/21/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  I'd Give You Everything I've Got For a Little Piece of Mind
The Wrong Squid:  Woo! Cat at work!
Art Colony:  if it is to be, it is up to me
Nutshell Kingdom:  spring, movies, music and pseudonyms
Nutshell Kingdom:  this never happened
Nutshell Kingdom:  Not Easily Duped
Learning to Fall:  three aspirin.
Nutshell Kingdom:  To Vera - on decor
Sunshine Jen:  Jetlaggggedness
› Tuesday 3/22/2005
Solstice:  Primal Players Return! The Siblings
Road Dust:  back when I made Barbie clothes
Learning to Fall:  america's game.
Art Colony:  bubbly bath
Nutshell Kingdom:  Collectible Glasses
Pony:  All about you
Nutshell Kingdom:  10 Little Indians
Nutshell Kingdom:  10 little indians pt 2 (upon reflection)
Ornithopter:  First Day Of Spring ( A couple of days late)
Solstice:  Needle in the Hay
› Wednesday 3/23/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  More About You
Cootie Girl:  5 rules when traveling to Vegas
Art Colony:  Pelican?! Ghostwriter?! that's so hot!
Nutshell Kingdom:  Four easy reasons to give Blaine a gift
Learning to Fall:  jugungas.
Robot Journal:  Doughy Wan Kenobi
Solstice:  A Few Thoughts on the Likes/Dislikes of lovers
Nutshell Kingdom:  Itenerary - for my NY friends - and other stuff for everyone else
elanamatic:  Rawk
Nutshell Kingdom:  How to Pass a Rainy Day at Work
Ornithopter:  My Brilliant Career
Nutshell Kingdom:  Oh Lord! Craig's List can be so beautiful!
Art Colony:  The wave of narcissism continues...
› Thursday 3/24/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Outside it was New York and beautifully snowing. Inside snug and evil
Road Dust:  join the writing challenge with me, right here on happyrobot
The Wrong Squid:  Woo! Pig At Work!
Nutshell Kingdom:  Fantasy Honeymoon from a Boy's Perspective
Ornithopter:  3/24/2005 12:57:25 PM
Nutshell Kingdom:  Love, Happiness and the Death of Art
Sunshine Jen:  Parking Lot Rage
elanamatic:  Pirate Baby Booties
Learning to Fall:  opening day.
Solstice:  An exchange between a past lover and me
› Friday 3/25/2005
Tropical Depression:  wine *vs* Broken Heart
Nutshell Kingdom:  The Eroticism of Loss
The Wrong Squid:  Score one for Rhode Island
Pony:  New York Morning
Robot Journal:  Take my Zip Disks please!
Film and Television Rights:  Nothing is learned once that does not need learning again.
Sunshine Jen:  Thank You For Calling
Learning to Fall:  baking.
Art Colony:  why you should love me...
› Saturday 3/26/2005
Learning to Fall:  peeps!

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