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› Sunday 4/17/2005
Tropical Depression:  hypocrite
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as Hector (Reported Dead)
Solstice:  Winter Warnings
› Monday 4/18/2005
Film and Television Rights:  1
Learning to Fall:  to eat.
Art Colony:  ossification
Pony:  3 questions (one statement)
Adult Content:  A Toast To Mr. Robot
elanamatic:  Currently addicted to
Adult Content:  Ding Dong Your Dong Delivery Is Here
Tropical Depression:  hippies ~vs~ krishnas
Gator Country:  Most of what you read here will be true
Solstice:  Dead Man's Hand
› Tuesday 4/19/2005
Robot Journal:  I shut my stupid word-hole
Road Dust:  Rain
Nutshell Kingdom:  If I had a friend in a wheelchair
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as a Jelly-Rat
Cootie Girl:  a poem for April
Learning to Fall:  for us.
Pony:  nutty summer head
Art Colony:  'a brewin'
Sunshine Jen:  Gas is Expensive
Adult Content:  Spam University
Solstice:  On the Advice of My Psychic Sidekick
› Wednesday 4/20/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  I eat alone now, but I still drink for two
Film and Television Rights:  !
Nutshell Kingdom:  Observation and a very short story with no moral
Art Colony:  studying--can i still do it?
Pony:  A new pope
Learning to Fall:  home.
elanamatic:  T.M.I.
Solstice:  Memories of Academia and Things My Cats Taught Me
› Thursday 4/21/2005
Tropical Depression:  Birthday Post!
Poop Beetle:  You're violent. No one better mess with you. Watch out if they do.
Road Dust:  Looking Over Jordan
Art Colony:  please, be my egyptian slave drivers
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as my Clothes
Nutshell Kingdom:  J. and Her Typewriter
Learning to Fall:  and animals.
Pony:  the internet on the teevee
Honky Cracker:  I Rule
Solstice:  My Time in Crazyland - Part I
› Friday 4/22/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Supersaturation
Road Dust:  My Tricycle Was Repossessed
Art Colony:  wow is my favorite palindrome
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as Cassandra, on Vacation
Learning to Fall:  produce.
Pony:  Instructions for Friday afternoon
Sunshine Jen:  The LADs and the LAAs
› Saturday 4/23/2005
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as a Motion Picture (Romantic Comedy)
Art Colony:  ah cahn't belieeef eets nawht bahter
Pony:  Happy Passover
Learning to Fall:  Dad carried.

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