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› Sunday 5/15/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  Jayne Wants A Story
Pony:  Tapestry
Solstice:  I am Superman
› Monday 5/16/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  The Brutality of Loss
Art Colony:  an unconscionable contract
Gator Country:  you had me at Tropic of Capricorn
Sunshine Jen:  Autograph Socialists
Nutshell Kingdom:  Who's Seen Me Naked? Jason Has!
Solstice:  Time and Wine
Solstice:  A hundred
Solstice:  Guess what, I'm an idiot
Solstice:  Doldrums, Purgatory, Limbo, Zero
Honky Cracker:  Rock.
› Tuesday 5/17/2005
Tim!:  A Mutual Understanding of Destruction and Greed
Solstice:  Wonky
Nutshell Kingdom:  A Trip to the Hospital - Little Rock Style
Pony:  Yo b!tches
Learning to Fall:  gay.
Lisa Says:  labor story
Ornithopter:  Dear Ikea: Get Bent
Art Colony:  rockin' with the monsta
Gator Country:  i'm just not that kind of stripper
Solstice:  A Bit of Malarky
Solstice:  Two Beers, a Friday, and the Number Thirteen
Solstice:  Party Girl and wilmington, north carolina
› Wednesday 5/18/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  An Open Letter to My Ex-Boss
The Wrong Squid:  It's a Providence Driving Minute!
Pony:  I found my thrill on parliament hill
Art Colony:  the firemen came over and it got even more "chaotic"
River Rat:  go back home
Nutshell Kingdom:  Friends
Tropical Depression:  oh-pie-ooh'-la
Learning to Fall:  your dad's one, too.
› Thursday 5/19/2005
Solstice:  When the dog and pony show is on haitus
Nutshell Kingdom:  For Rich
Art Colony:  haterade
Learning to Fall:  who cares.
Pony:  Etymologically speaking
Solstice:  A thing of which I know naught
› Friday 5/20/2005
Road Dust:  I Gave Him Away
Tropical Depression:  More about snails! (than you ever wanted to know)
Solstice:  a partial list
Nutshell Kingdom:  Remember those days when Billy drew the Family Circus?
Art Colony:  running low but feeling high
Pony:  Nerd Alert
Sunshine Jen:  Adventures in Marketing
› Saturday 5/21/2005
Art Colony:  saturdaze