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› Sunday 5/22/2005
Cootie Girl:  Damaged Goods
Solstice:  Crutch
Solstice:  Du, You, Tu
Solstice:  Rebound and Around
Adult Content:  Panty Hose + Googly Eyes = Big Surprise!
Robot Journal:  I did not have good relations with that Wookiee
› Monday 5/23/2005
Adult Content:  It Ends With The Beginning or The Six Month Theory
Tropical Depression:  Where is the sleep?
Nutshell Kingdom:  After You Left
Learning to Fall:  in deep.
Art Colony:  i have an ipod (in my mind)
Cootie Girl:  all hail the computer geek gods
Nutshell Kingdom:  I'm Batman!
Solstice:  Lemon Spain
› Tuesday 5/24/2005
Pony:  God Save the Queen
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Filling the Potholes In My Soul
Gator Country:  memories
Nutshell Kingdom:  The Denial of an Inheritance
Learning to Fall:  trail of tears.
Art Colony:  hola, mi amigo pedro!
elanamatic:  Lilac Me
Sunshine Jen:  Star Wars Dreaming
› Wednesday 5/25/2005
Upgrown and Overblown:  Zeroing
Nutshell Kingdom:  Everything That Happens to Me Is Interesting
Pony:  First Spring
Learning to Fall:  run.
elanamatic:  Smell it like it is
Gator Country:  final cisneros thoughts before a trip to mexico
Upgrown and Overblown:  The First Thing
› Thursday 5/26/2005
Tropical Depression:  a little further into the abyss
Solstice:  vague acute panic
Learning to Fall:  smooth.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Chris R. and a birthday pledge
Poop Beetle:  writing this so I can remember it later
Art Colony:  novocaine generosity
Nutshell Kingdom:  Absolut Honeysuckle
elanamatic:  The beauty and the geek
Solstice:  ba-ckatcha
Solstice:  Entitled
› Friday 5/27/2005
Pony:  Three Science Stories
Art Colony:  names
Poop Beetle:  my friend Kelly and slogging rehash of SELF
Cootie Girl:  Ashes and Snow
› Saturday 5/28/2005
Art Colony:  brewing grounds
Solstice:  Could I resist "witchy woman"?
Solstice:  the drive home
Road Dust:  I'm In My Second Teenhood (or something)