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› Sunday 8/7/2005
Poop Beetle:  I've ordered a Littman
Art Colony:  nuns with guns
Solstice:  Were you my lover
Solstice:  Our Wedding
Nutshell Kingdom:  Pet Ownership
› Monday 8/8/2005
Robot Journal:  Ocean. I miss you already.
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Planets Crash, The World Goes Nova
Gator Country:  blue
Lisa Says:  boy, am i old
Art Colony:  total wipe out dude!
Gator Country:  i want to be an underpants gnome
Pony:  Playing Hard to Get
Nutshell Kingdom:  What I Just Now Ate For Dinner After a Particularly Bad Day
Learning to Fall:  examples.
Gator Country:  sven
Solstice:  Masticate Wildly
Solstice:  Post
› Tuesday 8/9/2005
Art Colony:  did i unplug the hair-straightening iron?
Pony:  Which is odd because I am not left-handed
The Wrong Squid:  Parenting, RI-style
Nutshell Kingdom:  Born Sinister
elanamatic:  Randomness
Post-Modern Drunkard:  In Defense of Offense
Sunshine Jen:  Manifesto of the Purple Turtles
Film and Television Rights:  Six Months & Change
Solstice:  Fire
Solstice:  Gettin' There
Poop Beetle:  goodbye hair
› Wednesday 8/10/2005
Tropical Depression:  nameless
Art Colony:  call now and receive it in 2 easy payments of $34.95
Pony:  post-prandial slump
Sunshine Jen:  The Sonic Boom
Nutshell Kingdom:  Hot Off the Presses (a little pun)
Pony:  Dear Sienna Miller
elanamatic:  I admit
Art Colony:  my little sister
Gator Country:  Eat! F***! Burn!
Nutshell Kingdom:  Haunted House
› Thursday 8/11/2005
Solstice:  The Question
Solstice:  Jealous
Cootie Girl:  do you know?
Learning to Fall:  skin matches.
Gator Country:  midnight is where the day begins
Honky Cracker:  Kiss Me on the Butt
Nutshell Kingdom:  The Cup
Film and Television Rights:  Minor Celebrity Siting
› Friday 8/12/2005
Lisa Says:  four (or "i can't believe i made it this far")
Dog Years:  What I Learned During My Happyrobot Hiatus
Pony:  Ran is here
Film and Television Rights:  New Shoes
Art Colony:  beep!
State Lines:  Pain enough
Nutshell Kingdom:  The Story of The Cup
Solstice:  W&C
Tim!:  Posture Is More Important Than You Can Imagine
› Saturday 8/13/2005
Art Colony:  i've got sunshine in a bag

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