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› Sunday 11/20/2005
Cootie Girl:  boys named Kelly
Robot Journal:  Wine Club #17: Gewürztraminer
Solstice:  Narscissism
Solstice:  Just another day at the races
› Monday 11/21/2005
Road Dust:  Every November, and I'm Real
Art Colony:  I slept through my alarm clock this morning
Pony:  remembering the future
Post-Modern Drunkard:  The Cause of--and Solution to--All Of Our Problems
Sunshine Jen:  Writers' Boot Cramp
› Tuesday 11/22/2005
Solstice:  The High Holy Day
Pony:  A Canadian Love Letter, 1907
Upgrown and Overblown:  She's Only Seventeen
Art Colony:  hello
Gator Country:  the only excuse is that you're dead from being eaten by a giant squid: my blog -- yes blog -- to "loser boy"
Nutshell Kingdom:  My Mother Thinks I'm Underperforming
› Wednesday 11/23/2005
The Wrong Squid:  Underrated Squids
Film and Television Rights:  Top Five Underappreciated FTR Posts.
Nutshell Kingdom:  The Day Before Thanksgiving
Pony:  My top 5 underrated posts
Post-Modern Drunkard:  My Mom Thinks I'm Cool!
Ornithopter:  Underappreciation
Robot Journal:  Shout out to my dead turkey homies
Nutshell Kingdom:  The One Where I Steal Shamelessly from Adina
Ornithopter:  Redux
Lisa Says:  underrated
Nutshell Kingdom:  Underappreciated
Art Colony:  shit, i don't even know what my top 5 posts are
Sunshine Jen:  Three Little Posts
Tropical Depression:  five golden rings
Honky Cracker:  Underrateappreciate
Gator Country:  unwritten
› Thursday 11/24/2005
Road Dust:  I'm Secretly Planning to Do It Again
elanamatic:  Hell a. Hell yes.
› Friday 11/25/2005
Sunshine Jen:  Support the Port
› Saturday 11/26/2005
Honky Cracker:  Baby's Got
Art Colony:  A "greece"-free Turkey
Poop Beetle:  What does and does not come back to bite one in the ass