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› Monday 2/2/2009
Pony:  Monkey Cake - 2 years old!
› Tuesday 2/3/2009
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Roid Rage
Robot Journal:  This is ten years old. Or nine. Your call.
Film and Television Rights:  Ten Years
Lisa Says:  Chocolate Pear Pudding
Cootie Girl:  10 more "working" days
The Dolor:  Stomp Once For Britney...
River Rat:  Tenth DUI
Honky Cracker:  Ten is the Lonliest Number
Pony:  This post goes up to eleven
› Wednesday 2/4/2009
Tropical Depression:  Thiefdom by the Sea
Robot Journal:  Things stolen from you. I mean, me.
Film and Television Rights:  Things Stolen from Me
State Lines:  Things stolen from me.
River Rat:  Bible Camp
The Dolor:  The Record Producer
Cootie Girl:  Did I ever tell you about my co-worker the thief?
Pony:  Three Things Stolen From Me
› Thursday 2/5/2009
Post-Modern Drunkard:  On the Wine-Dark Sea
Tropical Depression:  Es Velero
River Rat:  On boats.
The Dolor:  I Just Wanna Be Your Tugboat Captain
Lisa Says:  Champ
Cootie Girl:  The only things worth doing on a boat
Film and Television Rights:  The Boat
Robot Journal:  Sleeping, eating, and drinking on boats with George
Sunshine Jen:  The Irish Boat Builder
Upgrown and Overblown:  An Oversight
› Friday 2/6/2009
Pony:  A repeat: From the file of Boat Journeys and Lost Things
Robot Journal:  Free to be you and me (who is cringing)
Tropical Depression:  I cringe for you.
Cootie Girl:  Cringeworthy you say?
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Cringer and Battle Cat
River Rat:  Something Monkeys are not supposed to do.
Pony:  Cringeworthy
Film and Television Rights:  M&M
› Saturday 2/7/2009
State Lines:  Cringeworthy.