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› Monday 2/1/2010
The way I see it:  on turning 41
Pony:  Three Years Old
Robot Journal:  That thing I borrowed
Film and Television Rights:  I had a Date
Medium Pimping:  I Took Your Cat.
Tropical Depression:  orange and non-essential
State Lines:  I borrowed your quasi-boyfriend.
Post-Modern Drunkard:  What Gets Left Behind
River Rat:  I stole one, once.
Pony:  That thing I borrowed and never returned
› Tuesday 2/2/2010
Tim!:  To gather or collect swiftly and unceremoniously; grab
Nutshell Kingdom:  Lack of Consideration - Dealbreaker
River Rat:  You are not for me.
Medium Pimping:  It's a Deal Breaker, Ladies
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Return of the Stew
Dog Years:  Top Ten Comments Overheard on a Used Car Lot in an Undisclosed Middle East Location that were Dealbreakers
State Lines:  Oh Elizabeth.
Cootie Girl:  It's my drill now!
Cootie Girl:  What I am NOT looking for
Sunshine Jen:  Happy Birthday Mr. Joyce
Tropical Depression:  Assorted Dealbreakers
Pony:  Dealbreakers
Film and Television Rights:  The Dealbreaker
› Wednesday 2/3/2010
Lisa Says:  Eleven Songs! One Night Only!
Robot Journal:  happyrobot is eleven? birthdays are fun.
The way I see it:  eleven new tv show ideas
Post-Modern Drunkard:  DMB!!!11!!1!
River Rat:  Eleven things.
Cootie Girl:  11 things I have in common with happyrobot
Nutshell Kingdom:  Eleven
Tim!:  Not Even Close to Being on Topic
› Thursday 2/4/2010
Film and Television Rights:  11
Dog Years:  I used to believe
Film and Television Rights:  I used to believe
River Rat:  My tattoo.
State Lines:  Eleven things I used to believe.
Pony:  Eleven Things
Cootie Girl:  Spoiled little girl
Tropical Depression:  Rabbits, run.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Crazy as a Loon
› Friday 2/5/2010
River Rat:  From whence we come.
Pony:  I used to believe I'd stop procrastinating one day
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Otaku and Anoraks
Film and Television Rights:  Esoteric Information about my Grandparents
Tropical Depression:  grand parents.
Tim!:  Mama Sang Tenor

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