Mountain Infantry Disheveled, but home Hugged by a General Welcome Home Charlie Team at Abu Ghraib Walking Tall Rainy day in November Patrick Kinsella SFC Kinsella Charlie Teams Angels Combat Construction Car Bomb C-130 Rolling down the strip Charlie Team Three Gunners Janet Jackson Griz and Me Chewbacca in Fallujah Almost got me Stop and read the writing on the wall Desert Rooftop Inside the hand View through Binos Rooftop Fighting Position King of Cheese ROK MP ROK Army SPC Kinsella Lonesome Night Reconstruction School Supplies Suspicious fellow Time Off Kids The Dreaded Camel Spider Doesn't the green uniform look strange Patrol SAW Range Camel Taxi Rolling Sand Deadly Force Ambush EOD Robot Bullet holes Tigris Restaurant Spc Kinsella Caught in the crossfire Car crash SGT O'connor First Platoon First Platoon Trucks on Fire Schools Air Support No Whining IEDs Crossed Scimitars Just me I still Love Stace Taji Station Marines are Lazy Safety Four Spec Fours My Ass Camels Tanker Fire Vehicle Search I love Stace Pulling Security Traffic Taji Village

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