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Gator Country: magnetic poetry
He said. She said,
"I am
___ raw
___ boy
___ raw
___ boy."

I've already forgotten how you whisper.
Time is an echoing chant.
Anyway, what is essential? or weakness?
or parting?

(Scream, goddess.)

Because beneath this ugly apparatus, was:
an omofilofilos ex machina;
a kolombaras;
a moment, which was all it took;
and a dark shadow moving slowly under the floodwaters.
I held my breath
and pressed my hands against the glass;
it all passed by too closely to breathe.

Once upon a time,
there was a man
who was made weak from a dress.
Oh, that old story again. Right. Well,
the day Humbert died,
1000 petals fell
and breaking like glass against your pride
scattered across the pavement
like so many gems freed from their settings.

So much for that.
(Or maybe it should be written:
So much. For that?)

I found this on my refrigerator today:
"I felt a tiny dream
two friends
one love"
- and -
"you crush/lust me
i/time want/s us together"

It's just magnetic poetry that fell out of a box, all of this.
Maybe I wrote some of it.
Maybe some of it was written for me.
(Or maybe all of it.)

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