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Gator Country: timing
Timing is a bitch.

Rarely are two people on the same time frame. My feeling is if the right person comes along, you thank your lucky stars and adjust. But that's just me.

I received the weirdest proposal out of nowhere yesterday. An attorney I know, who is splitting up with his wife, tells me, "Let me know if you'd like to get married in the next year." This is because he has difficulty being alone. So much difficulty, that with a wife and 3 kids, he added on a couple office girlfriends. I told him that of all the proposals I've received, this one by far was the worst, since it presupposes his continuing co-dependency upon women and that he and his wife don't reconcile. I went out last night for pints at Kings Head with Solstice and Sunshine Jen and told them about my backhanded proposal. At least I could say, "Where do I sign?" laughing out loud. My verdict? Guinness and cider is good. (And they are even better.) And that's it.

Love: it wraps around us and constricts the air we breathe, it becomes a separate thing that lives inside us, but we manage to push through our days. Sometimes there is no way out but through.

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