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Gator Country: get busy livin' or get busy dyin' - or both
i raced a red ferrari down most of the sunset boulevard last night around 3am. it was trying to engage another car, and i saw the other car completely wuss out. so i passed them both. and then, i guess, it was "on" as they say. i decided to turn on beyonce's "crazy in love" for relaxing driving music. i laughed all the way.

what a ride. i've never raced a ferrari before. we raced for miles down the curvy boulevard, slowing for cops (he'd flash his brights when one was coming up), all the way to the pch, and i made a left. we raced down the pch and i pulled into the left hand turn lane for the santa monica incline. he passed me and as i was going up the incline, i saw him turn around on the pch, and then roar up behind me in my rearview mirror. i made a left onto ocean ave., a right onto idaho, and then decided to pull over. he pulled up to my left, and i got out to shake his hand (he still sat in his car), which i did. i told him, now *that* was fun. he told me he's a ferrari dealer and that i deserve to be racing a ferrari on the track, rather than driving my clunker jaguar. i love it. he said, take my business card, and call me, and we'll set up a day/time when he's doing track days so i can go too.

he called today and left a message on my voicemail (yes, i was screening calls). said he was in vegas to see the stones play and have some fun and do i want to go to lunch next week. what a trip. so stu, if you want the title of robot stud, you're going to have to work a little harder or take off your clothes in those videos. ; )

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