ornithopter: Four Things About Ponies I Have Known

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the great emancipator please, stop with the killing already...

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When I was 12 I rode a pony named Shady in a horse show. We had a difference of opinion about whether we were going to jump a certain fence. She won the argument and I ended up with a picture of myself in the Sunday paper writhing in pain and a month on crutches.
Adina has never put me on crutches.

At camp when I was 9, a pony bit my friend on the boob.
Adina has never bitten me on the boob.

A pony once kicked my mother in the ribs and broke them.
Adina has never broken my mother's ribs.

I had a pony who liked to sleep in shavings covered in his own urine.
As far as I know, Adina does not sleep in either shavings or urine.

Happy Anniversary Pony!

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the great emancipator please, stop with the killing already...

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