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Well, I can only remember like 6 movies that I definitely saw while in college. I did not necessarily like them all, but here they are.

Desert Hearts Don't remember much about this movie except that there was a desert and a fairly explicit lesbian sex scene in it. I went to this on my first college date with this guy that I had had a huge crush on all semester. Oh, and his bandmate who decided to come along. This was possibly the worst date I ever went on. We did not go out again.

Betty Blue Everybody remembers this one, I see. I remember thinking that if sex was as good as it looked in that first scene, I definitely wanted in on that action. This turned out to be more difficult than I had imagined it to be.

Stranger Than Paradise Jim Jarmusch had me hooked from the beginning. Sad and subtly hilarious at the same time.

Blue Velvet I snuck into a friend's film class at a whole different college to see this one. I think it's Lynch's best.

Battleship Potemkin For some reason, I saw this early Russian (?) film in a British Literature class.

Say Anything Lloyd Dobler was and still is the template by which I measure all of my boyfriends. I wonder if Cameron Crowe will ever make a sequel where, despite their devotion to each other, Lloyd and Diane Court end up splitting up because they were just too damn young.

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ellipses... underappreciation

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