C-130 Rolling down the strip
Anyone who has ever flown on a military transport will recognize this picture. The C130 is the backbone of military transport. It does a variety of missions, including, but not restricted to; troop transport, dropping airborne troops and carrying cargo. Sometimes all three at once.

This is my platoon, crammed into the C-130 on our initial flight to Iraq. As you can tell by the sweat on SGT Gove's brow, it's really f*cking hot in this plane. SPC Warren is demonstrating how the Infantry learn to sleep anytime we get a chance. A C-130 ride is not a pleasant experience.

Especially in a combat zone, when the pilot takes evasive maneuvers to avoid enemy gunfire. It's impossible to describe what the pilots can make these planes do - you would have to witness it to believe it. I'll just say that more than once, the wings of this aircraft were perpendicular to the ground - it was a bumpy ride.

Sunday, January 30, 2005
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