Charlie Team
This was taken in August. This is Charlie team. Me, Smithers and SGT Downey.
This picture was taken before we put another half inch of armor on the doors, and before we put on the extra turret side armor. It was also about 140 degrees outside - and it was "boonie" cap weather.

You see, the boonie cap is only worn in the hot summer months, to keep the sun off of you. The new guys are arriving now, and they are ALL wearing their boonie caps. This, among other things, easily identifies them as "new guys." In our normal uniform, the green BDUs, only Snipers (and a few others) are ever authorized to wear the boonie cap. So when units get over here, they immediately put on the boonie cap, before they realize that it's uncomfortable, and it just looks silly.

So New guys - take off your boonie caps. It's winter. It's raining. It's not 140 degrees. You don't have to block the sun. You look silly.

Friday, January 28, 2005
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