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EOD Robot
EOD (Explosive Ordance Desposal) uses robots to detonate found IEDs or suspectued IEDs. It usually takes them a couple hours to set up the robot, check out the explosives, and then detonate it. That means the convoys sit out in the open for all that time. That's not good. If we sit too long, the bad guys like to drop mortars on us, fire rockets at us, or just take pot shots with thier rifles. The longer we sit, the worse it gets.

So in a pinch, we have to take a chance. Usually we try to find an alternate route around the IED. A side road, or a detour. Sometimes it's as simple as crossing over into the opposite lane and driving past. Other times, we do "Operation Human Shield." The gunner gets down into the truck and closes the hatch, then the truck rolls up along side the IED and lets the convoy pass on the opposite side. Should the IED detonate, the humvee will shield the convoy from the blast. Our humvees can withstand most of the ordance the bad guys use as IEDs. It's a calculated risk that we sometimes have to take.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
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