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The Dreaded Camel Spider
The dreaded camel spider. Rumor has it that they can run almost 50 mph making a sound like a screaming child as they go. They can leap as high as a camel is tall, so they can latch onto the underbelly of a camel and suck him dry of all it's precious fluids. Thier poison won't kill you, it will paralyze you, so you can be eaten alive.
Fortunately, none of this true.

By the truth is almost nearly as scary. They can grow to be as large as an Alaskan King crab, with legs over six inches long. They are actually a hybrid of a scorpion and a spider - or at least that's what they look like. Their legs and body are covered in spikes. They are mean. They are agressive, they are BIG, and they are everywhere.

This is by far the scariest thing in Iraq.

The camel spider in this picture is very dead. It took a dozen of us kicking and screaming like babies to make it that way. There is nothing in the picture to show it's size. So do this. Lift your hand and hold it up in front of your face. Spread your fingers out as wide as they go. Now add three more fingers... that's how big he was.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004
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