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I love Stace
Taji Village again. On the left hand side of the picture, you see where I have written, "I love Stace." I write this all over Iraq. My boy Saddam is in the background, but someone has poked out his eyes. Over my left shoulder, it says, "I love Julie." Julie is SGT Downey's girlfriend. He stole my idea. This is a relatively secure area, that's why I'm not wearing my helmet. I could actually get in trouble for not wearing my helmet, so don't tell anyone.

Some technical notes about this picture. I'm carrying an M16A2 rifle. You can see the 30 round magazine pouch on the butt stock. I carry another 7 magazines on my vest and one in the weapon, and another 8 in the truck. (that doesn't count the 2000 rounds I carry for in the truck for my SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon).
We are doing an MP mission, so that's why I'm wearing the MP Brassard.
My vest is "Interceptor Body Armor" - it has ceramic plates in the front and back that will stop anything up to 7.62mm - which is what an AK47 fires.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004
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