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Taji Station
I'm not on the road every day. One week a month my squad does what we call "commo week" where we man radio relay stations in the area. This duty rotates around the company so the stations are manned 24/7. During this time, we monitor the emergency network. We control air assets, like F-16s, Apache and Kiawa attack helicopters, medivacs; EOD to take care of IEDs (road side bombs in media lingo); and coordinate our squads out in the field. It sounds exciting, but it's a boring week.

Here I am at the relay station in Taji. (Taji Station). It's set up in an abandoned cookie factory in the middle of nowhere. We have to bring a generator to the location to power the radios. Thus, on many occasions, I have gone to Taji Station to pick up a power converter.

Usually a team (three guys) will take a 48 hour shift at the relay stations. We take four hour shifts watching the radio. When you're not watching the radio, there isn't much to do. I get a lot of reading done during this time.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004
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