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Suspicious fellow
We came across this guy while on patrol. He was down in a ditch where the road goes over a little irrigation canal. This is one of the insurgents favorite places to cause mischief. Sometimes they will plant explosives to blow the little bridge and make the road impassable until someone gets around to fixing it, or putting in a temporary bridge. More often, they will dig into the roof of the tunnel until the reach the road surface. Then they will plant explosives and wait for one of our vehicles to drive over. There is no way to see this type of thing from the surface. Suddenly, the road while just erupt in front of you. It's not fun.

You can see our guys pulling security on both sides, while the LT and our translator talk to the man. Our trucks are up on the road, with a larger field of view. It was a rare occasion that LT was out with us; usually it's just our squad. It turns out; the man wasn't doing anything malicious. He was just standing in a ditch along side the road, passing time I guess.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004
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