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King of Cheese
One last thing about the ROK Army. They LOVE us. When we arrived with their convoy of troops at their new base, the soldiers already there gave us the welcome of a lifetime. I felt like the King of Cheese, standing in my turret waving to the throngs of adoring fans. This is just a short snippet of the soldiers waving us. They lined the hills on both sides, waving and cheering.

I have to say it was pretty amazing. The town they are stationed in gave us a similar welcome. No angry stares, no mothers pulling their children behind them - everyone came out onto the streets to greet us and welcome us to their city. The local Iraqi Police controlled traffic for us.

It's great to be the King of Cheese.

**Side Note: SGT Downey has doubted that I was the air to the Cheese throne since we got here. Even with the ceremony I received, he still doesn't believe me. I don't know why that is.

Monday, October 25, 2004
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