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A List of Things I Will Say Tomorrow, At Nate's Wedding, While Highly Inebriated (In No Particular Order)

Dave flies in circles because he has only one wing

I set a glass of urine down on the piano, can you help me find it?

Lisa May told me some Africans speak French.

I'M BLIND! I'M BLIND! Oh sorry.....wait, I'M BLIND AGAIN!

Rich paid $1000 for a plane ticket to Raleigh and your wife won't let him lap punch from the bowl like a sweet little puppy.

Dude, my arm is totally asleep. That's your arm? Sorry Craig.

Which one of you bons a sitches is Honkeysmacker?

Commode. Commode. Commode. This word has lost all meaning. Commode......see?

Nate said one of his Uncles is a flamer. Is it you?

You have to admit, in theory, dancing in your sock feet sounds right.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are interested, I am currently modeling the Darden Adult Party Diaper beneath my slacks

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