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a member of the fear generation overthinks something that we should probably not worry about so much
When homeless people go to the library or coffee shop and go online, how do they feel when they see the button bar icon that is shaped like a house?

Does the distance between them and their neighbors grow.? Is it one more thing that we have to think about when we, as people who have, must interact with those who have not?

It's a small house though. And it's worth mentioning that my house is larger than the house on the button bar. I could, arguably, find that its image inadequately portrays my concept of home. I mean that house couldn't be more than 800 square feet.

And what of the word "home" that appears when your pointer is in proximity to the little house? Do children who are currently abused or adults living with the emotional pain of abuse wince and grit their teeth at the loosely associated idea that any comforting concept of home could exist anywhere as cold and manufactured as a computer screen?

With a click of a mouse, does any marginalized member of our world secretly hope that, in some vacant space accessible to them, a crew of jumpsuited workers from Dell, or IBM, or Apple lays a foundation, erects a frame, sheaths it in drywall, covers the roof in asphalt shingles, and backs a large moving van to the front door to unload its contents of furniture, family, and a large Mallorcan bulldog named Roberto?

Home. For me it's a way to go back to the start, the check back and see if it's 35 dead in London now, or later, 36. My home-page is google news.

I like to imagine that the rush of the interweb has blown by the traditional images of its users. Home isn't house with family and love, but rather, base or start or begin-again.

Home isn't a what, but a verb. And in selecting it, you clear away the numerous pages of news, information, and soul clogging trash, and start over.

When I dwell on that, the person bound by a noteworthless graphic laughs and shakes his head, before he types in his destination.

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