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Floyd the Barber
I have been following the Tour de France for nigh on twenty years. Watched Lemond snatch victory in 89, endured the Tour de Lance years, but I have never seen such an absolute ass kicking as the one Floyd Landis threw on the race today.
Yesterday he shut down and lost ten minutes. Today he made most of that time up and reentered the race...all by attacking alone, catching an early breakaway of eleven that had six minutes advantage on the group, riding through them, and soloing to the finish--over five mountains.
It's like being down six games in the Stanley Cup, inventing a time machine, going back in time and killing the best players with your teeth and a rubber hammer, and then winning game seven with a team comprised of you, a handless chimp, and a robot named Frito.

Oh, and it's good to see y'all again.

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