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This is my stuff.
I've got a dog named Tribble, a pizza faced older sister, Jillian, who will be "la-de-da-sixteen" in a week, two magic eight balls, a Lionel train set that burps real smoke and smells like oranges and whistles louder than a horse fart, a pet rabbit named Buns that makes pellets of poop one after the other just the same as the last, a new sled with rockets on it that hasn't even been used not once ever, and bags and bags of army men my dad brought back from a toy convention he went to in Philadelphia last year right after he started working for a company that sells helium to department stores, flower shops, and carnival troupes.

Oh yeah, I've got a mom named Cleora who is tired all the time and my dad who knows tons and tons of professional clowns on account of his job. His name is Philetus, but people call him Phil.

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