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our rights.
Alex and Jillian and Momma and Dad and Ms. Harriet and Gill and me, we all played cards and foosball and Monopoly late into the night at our house and it was just like when we were little and all the adults would get together and let us stay up late as if we were part of their crowd. I even had a swig of beer when Dad and Gill went out back to pee.

Momma doesn't like it when we do that, but Dad says it's our God given right as men to go outside and pee standing up like the apes we descended from and to hell with what the neighbors think and why would they be lookin' into our back yard anyway.

"Don't ever let me catch you sittin' down to pee, N.B." Dad told me.

"Unless, of coors," Gill said, right behind him, "you are takeeng a dump, too."

"Gill's right." Dad popped open another can of beer for him and for Gill.

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