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detention time.
I fell asleep in class today and got hit in the head by a chalkboard eraser. Mr. Gantt throws erasers sometimes and I used to think it was funny when some dumb butthead got hit and then there would be this big cloud of chalk dust all around his head and the idiot would be all shocked and even more stupid looking than before with white powder on his face like a three stooges skit.

Terry and I stayed up until nine o'clock on a school night, which was okay 'cause Dad told his momma he'd drive Terry home and that we were helpin' out doing renovation work just like we were real paint contractors. I got four blisters even right through the heavy gloves and so did Terry only his are on his left hand on account of him being a lefty.

So it's not so funny now that I'm the kid with the chalky taste in my mouth and a white dust ball explosion gone on around my head with some chalk in my mouth making me spit right there on the floor. That's when Mr. Gantt sent me to the office for my first ever detention slip.

Momma's not gonna like this.

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