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big night.
Tonight's the night that Dad and Gill officially open up their new ceramic shop and boy does that place look cool. It used to be a theater back when our town had a school in it, way before even Momma was a little girl or Dad's family moved here. Since then it's been a game room, a hotel, a junk shop, a rug store, a bingo parlor, a furniture store, a saloon, and even once was a massage parlor, and for some reason Gill keeps saying that Dad and him should forget about ceramics and just get into that business instead. And that makes me wonder who on earth would want a massage from hairy old Gill?

Some of the older ladies in town made a photo and newspaper collage of all the clippings telling the building's history and asked if Dad would let them hang it on one of the walls and he built a frame for it and hung it. Now it's fun to stand in front of the pictures and see what the way, way olden times in our town were like even before electricity.

Terry and I helped Momma, along with Jillian and Alex, setting up folding tables where Ms. Harriet and Momma and some of their lady friends wanted to put out punch and cookies and one of those spiral cut hams like we get at Easter.

"Are these the two muscle men who fixed up our new shop?" Ms. Harriet snuck up behind us and put her hand on my head and on Terry's too. "Boys, it looks fab-you-lous." She bent down and kissed me on the head.

"We sure are." Terry said proudly, winking and staring right into Ms. Harriet's left boob as if it was her ear or eyeball or it might wink back at him. I think I was blushing.

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