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slip ons.
When I woke up I thought it was still night time. The sun always shines through my windows or at least day light 'cause my room faces east and there's four huge windows hung in a half round that makes up the second floor of one of our house's witch's towers. All I could see at first was lots of colors and I wondered if the doctor gave Momma the wrong pill and maybe I was on some hippy drug trip or something like they warn us about all the time in school and like maybe I would have to stay home from school because of it and that's not so bad.

I closed my eyes and tried to lift my hand up to my face to rub 'em but it was in a cast so I used my left hand and nearly took an eye out. When I opened 'em again I could see that Dad had filled my room from the ceiling down to just a few feet above my bed with every color of balloon and inflatable animal that his company probably made just like he did for my last birthday when I opened the front door to the house and balloons poured out like smoke from a burning building.

On the floor next to my bed was a pair of brand new slip-on penny loafers, a new oversized Phillies' sweatshirt and a clean pair of sweat pants.

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