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red exes. no lies.

Learning to Fall: shiner.
"What happened to you?"

When I got to school today it was like I was a celebrity all over again only this time it didn't feel anything like when everybody wanted to sign my cast back when the girls, even the pretty, older girls, wanted to touch it and pet my head like I was their dog. This kind of celebrity was like they wanted to talk to me but were afraid to ask what my black eye was all about, probably because it made me look dangerous.

"I got in a fight last night."

I told everybody I got in a fight, 'cause like, I really didn't want to admit to whacking myself in my sleep just because I had a bad dream. I made sure to tell it like I was the victor in the fight and made sure to tell them right before the homeroom bell rang so nobody could ask for details until roll was taken and we said the pledge of allegiance and the bell rang again.

Between homeroom and class Terry caught up to me and I decided to play with him a little since I was sure it was him who toilet papered my locker last year on April Fools.

"So who did you get into a fight with?" He was crazy curious and wouldn't let up.

"Leslie's older brother came to apologize to me and I kicked him in the nuts," I acted out the kick against the locker real loud and kinda' stubbed my toe, but I acted like it didn't hurt at all.

"No way!!!" Terry was in awe.

"Yep," I told him. "Hard, in the nuts."

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red exes. no lies.

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