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coat hanger.
I've been having this really nasty itch down under my elbow that won't go away and there's no way to get there with anything other than a coat hanger. I have this rubber coated pink one I took from Jillian's room and unwound it and bent it and can push it down in my cast under my forearm with my left hand and then if I lift my right elbow high over my head and I lay on my back and hold the end of the hanger in my teeth I can just barely get it scratched by bobbing my head back and forth like a bobble head doll.

Momma caught me doing that and told Dad and he then he told me a story about an infection he caught from scratching an itch when he had a cast on his leg. He rolled up his pant leg and showed me the scar.

"That's where they had to cut out the rotten flesh when they took my cast off after I scratched it with a hanger."

"Cool" I said. "So that's how you got that scar."

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