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and animals.
That next day at school was a weird time for Terry. He spent the day quiet most of the time which is not at all like him 'cause his usual routine is to crack jokes and make fart noises and whistle and goof off "like idiots and animals" as Momma would say. Nope, he wasn't himself at all, except maybe before school.

Before homeroom he was tellin' me all about his dad and where he had been and how his momma looked so happy like her skin was an apple about to burst. He said she sat on his lap and laughed like he never heard her laugh before and that she even broke out a new bottle of wine, one with a cork in it, and that's how he knew their celebration was special.

After homeroom and all the rest of the day he was quiet and sad looking, even in science class when Mr. Lauver was telling us where methane gas came from and that aliens could detect that there is life on earth basically from the cow farts floating up into space. That didn't bust Terry up like I was sure it would and he wouldn't even stop to talk on his way home, he just ran home like the circus was in town and the whole cast was camped out in his back yard.

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