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"But why haven't we seen him?" Jillian wanted to know more about the reasons we didn't know our uncle. I just wanted to know why he looked so much like Momma. I couldn't stop staring at him all through dinner.

"Your uncle and I didn't see eye to eye back around the time N.B. was born," Momma blew out enough smoke after she spoke to fill the kitchen window. I bet Momma smoked two packs of cigarettes during dinner.

"But you're the same height." I tried a joke but it made Momma and Jillian stare me down that way they could where I'd wind up feelin' like a bug.

It turns out Momma and Uncle Jacob are identical twins, only Jacob's a man. Sitting side by side after dinner on the couch, Momma talked to us about her brother as though he weren't even in the room or maybe even alive, but there he was sitting cross legged exactly the way Momma was sittin' holdin' a cigarette the same way she was, holdin' a cocktail glass like her and everything.

"You see, darlin'" Momma fixed Jillian's bangs off her face with her pinky, staring at her twin, "your uncle is gay."

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