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police men. more feen.

Learning to Fall: interrogation time.
"It's important we get all the facts together and establish the most accurate timeline." The cop talked to me but also looked at Momma and Dad 'cause they were the ones who were responsible for me. "N.B. isn't charged at this time, but we have reason to believe that he may have participated in the murder."

"Murder!" Momma jumped up, right off the ground. "Who said Szheel-bair was murdered?" Dad held her back 'cause she was leaning hard towards the cop like Tribble on his leash when we pass a stray cat.

"The body of Mr. Thierry was found seated in a recliner," he paused and cleared his throat. "He, um, wasn't killed by the fire."

"Surely you don't think our son had anything to do with this." Dad looked like he was gonna pop. Dad's a big man, too. He could break that cop in two over his knee if he wanted to, I bet.

"Mr. Sherman, Mrs. Sherman, we're looking for the facts, and no, we don't think he killed Mr. Thierry," then he looked at me. "But we do think he probably saw something important before he was knocked down by the blast."

That's when I told the cop everything, working backwards, telling him first that he was wrong about how I got knocked down. "Terry knocked me down, after that I don't remember anything, including any fire or explosion."

I told him about the grill, the broken door glass, the trail from Gill's house back up to ours, the scene at school where Terry got jabbed by Alex about maybe his dad being gay like Uncle Jacob, and I finished up all the way back at the kiss Mr. Gill layed on Terry that night in the kitchen when he and Dad caught Terry imitating Mr. Gill. I told it all, except for the part about the bra and Ms. Harriet's boobies.

The cop wrote it all down and didn't ask anything 'til I was done.

"Did you see anything out of the ordinary with Terry when he came running out of the house?" Detective Warren seemed like he was digging for something.

"Terry was holding a hammer in his hand." I told him. "One of those round ended peener hammers."

"A ball pein hammer?" He asked.

"That's it. A ball peener."

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police men. more feen.

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