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sit me.
Momma and Dad needed a break. It was actually Dad who admitted it--even though he never acts like anything is really wrong--even if the world would stop spinning and the Phillies lost more than fifty in a row.

They took a cheap flight to Philadelphia to stay at a hotel in Rittenhouse Square and then to go to a seafood restaurant down by the water. When I think about how much they've been through and how hard they've worked the last year dealing with all my stuff and with Terry going psycho and everything, I just think they deserve a whole week off, not just a weekend.

Uncle Jacob moved in for the weekend to take care of me, even though I got the feeling that Dad wasn't real happy about it. Momma said it was okay, so it must be.

"Why do you think Terry's dad took him away, Uncle Jacob?" I waited until Momma and Dad were out the door about 2 seconds before I asked him.

"Who knows, N.B.?" He lit a cigarette and mixed a drink and for a second I had to shake my head and remind myself that it wasn't Momma, it was her brother.

"He does like 'em young." Uncle Jacob said it just like Momma and sat crosslegged in her chair. All that was missing was boobs and a skirt. I shivered, especially when he smiled Momma's smile at me.

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