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hoosegow. rocky road.

Learning to Fall: bail.
"We can't just let them take him away." Jillian was right about that. If Momma and Dad came home and Uncle Jacob was down at the police station, even if he was just in for questioning, they'd freak. And just when we were all gettin' along, too.

"Let's go." And that's what I like about Alex. He's a joiner and a doer.

"Yeah, let's go," I was ready. "He'll need a ride back from there, anyhow." I didn't know if the police were like a bus service or taxi service and they carried people back to where they picked them up, or not. Either way, Uncle Jacob would prolly appreciate us pickin' him up since he was just wearin' a pair of cut-offs and a tank top. There's no way he coulda' had his wallet in those shorts.

We argued a little bit about whether I should go or not, and then it was decided that if I went it would be better than if I stayed and Momma and Dad came back early. It would be just dandy if they found me home all alone with my scabby chest circle, which by the way, looks more and more like a bullseye every day--cool! By the time I got a shirt on that wouldn't rub my wound and Jillian changed into outfit after outfit, two whole hours had passed since the cops took Jacob off to the station.

Alex drove in his momma's car. I rode shotgun 'cause I called it and Jillian liked sitting in the back seat like royalty being chauffeured, anyhow. She says she was a Russian princess in an earlier life, and I say she's full of crap.

When we pulled up, Uncle Jacob was sitting outside on the curb, just like he was waitin' on us. We pulled up right next to him and when he saw it was us waving and laughing, happy to see him, he was surprised and happy, but mostly surprised. He looked up at me in the shotgun seat from where he sat on the concrete. He had a black eye and a dot of blood on his lip.

"What happened to you?" Jillian dabbed his lip and cheek with her shirt. I saw she wasn't wearing a bra when she lifted up her shirt, so did Alex.

"Oh, it's nothing," he waved his hand/Momma's hand. "Just a misunderstanding between me and a very good looking officer."

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hoosegow. rocky road.

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