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The Adventure Begins

September 9, 1956: Elvis Presley first appears on the Ed Sullivan Show
November 25, 1968: The Beatles release "The White Album"
Sometime in 1982: Menudo debuts on ABC.
Summer, 1993: Bitter and Pensive tour the former Soviet Union, popularizing the Punk Rock Balalaika sound, and still found time to save the world.

It all started in May, 1993. I was 16 years old -- much like many of the guys in Menudo. I belonged to this summer theater troupe, and the year before our troupe had formed an alliance with a group of performers from Siberia. They had all come to visit us the year before, and now it was our turn to visit them. So nine of us would be selected to tour Russia that summer.

Luckily for me, I was one of them. As was my trusty-dusty comrade Ro-Dogg.

This is our story.

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