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Screw You, Too!
So I sign on to my stupid hotmail account on stupid microsoftblahblahblah and what headline do I see staring me in the face?

"How to Explain Why You're Still Single".

Excuse me, but is there something wrong with being single that I have to explain my actions to people? Who the hell do I have to answer to, and why is it any of their business.

Christmas is not a good time to be single. It's one of those things where if you're an adult male who hasn't brought home any adult females for Christmas, the whole family thinks you're gay. Seriously. One year my great aunt thought that my cousin was my boyfriend from New York. I neglected to correct her, beacuse I found it amusing that my family thought I had a gay boyfriend who was also my cousin.
At least my parents don't buy into this. (Unfortunately, that's because they've eyewitnessed proof to the contrary. Doesnt anybody knock anymore?)

I'll blab more on this later when I have time, but this really gets my goat. It makes me hate freakin' Christmas. Whoops. I mean Christ-smash.

So what's so wrong with being single, anyway?

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