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On Thursday October 30th, 1997 at 3:37 AM, We Were Twenty Years Old
What a long, strange day. A good day. Strange indeed. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Acrobatics. Katherine and I hang out in the Acrobatics line complimenting each other. She loves my jumping ability. (Frank loves my jumping ability, too.)

"I swear you have springs under there." (points to my feet)

Anson cuts in here and there. Katherine and I continue to flirt.

Next stop: Voice Class. During the break, I pretty much leave Katherine alone. She reads her book.

Now voice class is an entirely different story. Of course, I come into the day set in my mind that Katherine is going to be my voice partner – you know, for massage, pressure points, and the like. Well, as class starts, I'm all the way on one side of the room and she's on the other. Pat calls out "grab a partner!". Instantly, we turn to each other. She disses Anson, who is actually lying next to her.

So we massage each other. Chat a bit. She calls me a great masseuse. Now she, on the other hand, gave me The Massage of My Life. Yeah! And she knew it, too. There were definite vibes goin' on. She pulled me back once, right into her body where she could hold me, my neck fitting perfectly between her breasts.

It goes amazingly well.

So voice class ends. I'm changing. I change. Talk to Katherine briefly. Then Anson comes up to me. Now, knowing Anson, he's always been prone to fake-fighting.

He says, "It's time to stop the talk. Let's get it on."

So we play-fight. Only he's really hitting me. He ends up punching me in the nose.

To my surprise I don't even flinch.

So he stares me down. And to his surprise I take the (unlit) cigarette right out of his mouth and break it.

"Hey man! You owe me a cigarette!" the bitch whines. And walks away.

So I forget if it was Dave or Gabe or Amanda who told me this – but they saw, outside on the way to lunch, Katherine being approached and grabbed by Anson and James. She supposedly said to them "I didn't say anything".

I tell my story to the Lunch Crew: Dave, Gabe, and Amanda. They are shocked.

What Gabe said sticks out in my mind the most.

"Poor Chris. You'll never have control of your future. Things are just thrown upon you. You did nothing. You are so innocent."

I come back from lunch and immediate go up to Katherine. I ask her if she still wants to go to the Cloisters. She says "yeah". Her face lights up. She definitely does, but she doesn't want to do this until the show is over because she wants to devote all her energies to the show.

Doesn't wanna do this ‘til the show is over. Smart thinking. That way, Anson doesn't have to get all jealous. And once the show's over, we won't be committing Studiocest all that badly.

She talks, and gives me a piece of her Pearl gum. It's toothbrush gum. How special! How sweet!

I sit next to her in PoMo. Then in Acting Class she asks to borrow my sweater for when she plays Anfisa. When she gives it back to me she folds it all nice and smiles.

We head out. I get some nice words, a big smile, and Happy Eyes from her as we leave.

Dave turns to me and says, "Spedoikel".

Well, this makes everything pretty clear. Katherine is definitely interested in me. The constant flirtings. Eyes, Waves, and Smiles. It's all so strange.

Oh! Other weird thing. Rehearsing my Tuzenbach/Irina scene in Act IV, Amie shoves her tongue down my throat! How odd. I kick the scene's ass. Amanda gives me a big long hug for a) a job well done and b) for having Amie's tongue thrust down my throat.

Back to Katherine... it's all so strange! She's coming on to me, I'm responding, and it's working! I can completely understand why she'd want to wait until after the show to go out. As my good man Jonathan says, she sees the Cloisters thing as a first date, and she doesn't want to start this when she has to a) deal with Anson and b) focus on the show. But by the ways he looks at me and talks to me, I can tell she wants me to know that she's interested, and that this thing will take place and go on as soon as it can.

So for now we'll have to be satisfied with stealing a few looks here and there. Waving to each other from across the room. The occasional Voice Class massage now and then. We'll carry on a Masha/Vershinin-like existence... "Tra ta taa, Tram tam tam...". Stealing looks and secretly carrying on a silent relationship.

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