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This is a Song about a Super Hero Named Pony
I am having a very hard time putting this into words.

1 You know how sometimes in life especially when you're younger, in those early adolescent teen years, you'll start to come in contact with a person... and then day by day, that person really just draws you into their stuff... you become enthralled with their stories, concerned about their problems, and just, well, listening to it all makes you feel like you're a part of it, and you do care, and that stuff ain't so bad after all? That's kinda what reading Pony has been like for me since I started reading it in 2002. Thanks, Adina.

2 Before I ever met Adina, I had a dream that she and I were in The Pixies. She had replaced Kim Deal, because Kim and Charles were fighting again and Charles couldn't deal with it. Charles also could fly around like that Baron Harkonnen guy from Dune. It was weird.

Then, like, two years later, I saw The Pixies live for the first time. With Pony.
Coincidence? I think not.

3. Speaking of Pony and The Pixies, every time I sing along to "Tony's Theme" I always chance the beginning part to say "This is a song about a super hero named Pony. It's called Pony's Theme!" Cuz, you know, she's kind of like an internet superhero.

4.One of the things that sticks out in my mind most was when Adina first started dating Kiff/Chris, and she said that he was like up-and-coming NHL player Jerome Iginla. Lots of potential that needs to be developed and realized. I liked that a lot.

(Interesting to note that Pony and Kiff have worked out pretty well, and Jerome Iginla is now an NHL All-Star. Well, he would be if there were an NHL, but that's a different story.)

Happy Anniversary Pony!

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