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Dirty Harry vs. Blade Runner
I thought my dad's favorite movie was Dirty Harry.

I could be wrong, though. It was either Dirty Harry or Blade Runner. I couldn't remember.

So I called dad, just to be sure.

Mom answered.

"So hey, how 'bout them Huskies?"

For once, I wasn't calling about the Huskies.

MOM: Up 20 at the half! Did you see Rudy Gay flex his arm at Marcus Williams? What was up with that?

Yeah, mom. But I'm not actually calling about the Huskies.

MOM: On the ROAD! At CUSE!

HONKY: Yeah. We look good. I hope we get a piece of Duke in the tournament.

MOM: Oh, I do to. We're gonna make ‘em HURT!

HONKY: Yeah. But I'm not actually calling about the game. I'm calling because I wanna know what Dad's favorite movie is.

MOM: I think it's Blade Runner.

HONKY: Is it Blade Runner, or is it Dirty Harry? Cuz I remember him quoting Dirty Harry to me all the time when I was a kid.

MOM: I think it's Blade Runner. I'd ask him, but he's in the bathroom for halftime. You know how it is now, with the colon thing and all.

HONKY: That's cool.

MOM: So yeah. We're lookin' good.

HONKY: Good.. good. So Blade Runner, eh? I'm still thinking Dirty Harry.

MOM:: Well he's coming downstairs now. Let me ask him
Hey, it's Chris.

DAD: Huskies RULE!

MOM: No, he wants to know what your favorite movie is.

DAD: Blade Runner.

HONKY: You sure it's not Dirty Harry?

MOM: You sure it's not Dirty Harry?

DAD: No. It's Blade Runner.

MOM: No. It's Blade Runner.

HONKY: Well crap.

MOM: Crap what?

HONKY: Ah, nothing... never mind.

Well, this kills my post about how Dirty Harry is my dad's favorite movie. This sucks, cuz I've been feeling very Dirty Harry-esque lately – about how I've been holding .357 Magnums to heads, kicking ass, and taking names. But noooo, Dad has to go off and start likin' Blade Runner an' shit.

MOM: We're getting Big East Tournament tickets. Wanna go?

HONKY: Yeah, ma. That'll be fun.

MOM: Oh. okay. Well, you have a good night. Talk to you later.

HONKY: Talk to you later mom.

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