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The Jig is Up
To: The Happyrobot Community
From: John Henry Holliday, Department of Stumiliation
Re: The Jig

Dear HR Community,

For years now, you've loathed him. Always snarking at your posts. Always leaving witty little comments designed to belittle your pithy little existence. You hate him, and you always wish that you had just the right fodder to muster a comeback. But no. He just takes your words and cuts them down. He's unbeatable!

Until now.

You may remember Stu talking about a "lost night" that neither he nor Honkycracker seem to remember anything about.

Honkycracker Inc.'s Special Ops staff has recovered some video footage of that night – most notably – footage of Stu dancing a jig while on the phone with Pony.

Shortly after this video was taken, Stu was denied re-admittance to The Knitting Factory.

Laugh at him. Mock away.

As a bonus, here is some footage of ‘how they got that way'.



John Henry Holliday
Vice President, Department of Stumiliation
Honkycracker Inc.

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