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Full Flavor
You've all gone soft.

For a while now, World, I've sat idly by, while the rest of you people out there go on drinking your... I don't know. Whatever it is you drink these days. Something with Splenda in it. Staying in. Sleeping early. Sitting around, seemingly just counting down the days 'til the Bush Regime is over and it's safe to rock again. Or something.

Well, I've had enough. I've sat by silently for a while now, and what happens? Thom Yorke releases a fucking Moby album. Joey eats her own baby. Red Sox fans start rooting for the Yankees. Yankees fans start rooting for the Red Sox. Everything turns to mush.

You know what? Forget that. I just want you all to know that, no worries, the ol' HC hasn't gone anywhere. And he's making it safe to be loud again. Cuz if anyone tries to fucking stop you, I'll fuckin' pwn ‘em to hell.

Ugh. This is what happens when the AC breaks down at work on the hottest day of the year.

Couple things:


Seriously. Can we get on this. What the hell are we all afraid of these days? The fucking Postal Service release one crappy album, and suddenly everybody wants to sound like an answering machine? What the fuck.

Guitars, people. Remember them? People used to play ‘em. Real loud. Back when people were getting' laid. They were fun.

Lately, I've spent some time re-acquainting myself with some Dinosaur Jr. (The real Dinosaur Jr., before Loobie got fired for being a wuss.) From the second you throw You're Living All Over Me in your musical device player, you know what you're going to get. A big, giant guitar boner. And it feels so good. Power chord Priapism. But then... wait? What's that? HOLY FUCK, IT'S A SONG ABOUT RABBITS! How awesome is that? But hold on. Maybe it's not about rabbits. Does is matter? NOOO!!!!! WHAT IS IT?!?!?!!?

I've been listening to that every day on my way to work, and when I get there, I can't hear a fucking thing anyone says to me. And I like it that way.


Okay, there's not much in the way of guitars or drums in this song. But fuck it. Sure, the lyrics are heavy-handed and people will accuse this of being "emo" or whatever. I don't care.

I have a whole post about this song which I'll post at some point – sure, it sounds like a really pissed-off break-up song, which it is, but it's really so much more than that yada yada yada, I'm sure you can't wait – so for now I'll keep it short. Fuck you for calling me "emo".

Don't mix your words. Don't be pretty. Politeness is our enemy.

Say it loud. Say it proud. "I hope you die". Whatever it means.

Side note – I came across a great live recording of this a little while ago. John Darnielle's voice apparently had given out during the show, so he had the audience sing it. There's something awfully swelling about a roomful of people singing this like they're celebrating a Soccer ('football') victory.

3 -- Food

Sugar? Eat it. Carbs? Eat ‘em. Fat? Yum. Live fish? Knock yourself out. Abby Walton? Cook ‘er.

4 – Full Flavor

When presented with the option of going with something that's labeled "Full Flavor" or something that's not, always, ALWAYS go with the "Full Flavor".

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