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Halloween Memories with Klutch and Honky
FROM: Honkycracker
TO: Klutch.xls

You were Sexy Cobra Commander in 2003... I was still in Boston at the time, but I don't think I was at whatever party you were going to.

Where was I?

FROM: Klutch.xls
TO: Honkycracker

you were at the party. you went as the steering wheel pirate. you were really drunk. you told us you slept with v_______ (was that her name? the random druid girl from NewFoundLand)

FROM: Honkycracker
TO: Klutch.xls

Oh holy crap. Were we at Grace's? I don't remember you being ....

Oh wait. Now I do.

Jesus. I wish I didn't ask. I'm gonna go asphyxiate now.

FROM: Klutch.xls
TO: Honkycracker

i totally have pictures to prove it. they'll give you the dry heaves.

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